Anthropomorphos: Prometheus

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Anthropomorphos: Prometheus is a modern retelling of the myth of Prometheus, the titan who brought fire to humanity, allowing them to grow, invent and innovate.
This modern retelling puts Prometheus gift in a new perspective. Did this titan of foresight really foresee all the effects and consequences of his actions? Is it all turning out as positively as he had hoped?

In this interactive experience, the audience will carry Prometheus' torch and sneak into the realm of the Olympus to steal light from the gods, to bring back to humanity.
As the audience gathers more and more of this light, the light starts to react, seemingly alive, seemingly scared of this visitor. The audience is tasked with gaining this entity's trust. Enough trust to allow them to also capture this entity.

But what will happen when all the light is gone? And is this really what's best for humanity?

Artist statement

My main goal as a creator is to "emotionalize" people with my work, I want people to have felt emotions when they have experienced something I've made. These emotions can be positive, negative or neutral, as long as my audience has felt what I intended for them to feel, my work is successful.

With my work, I am primarily fascinated by the relations between game design and the performing arts, and how to interweave a compelling narrative with that.
With a background in social studies, programming and theatre, you will most likely find me and my work either in the virtual space, or on a stage (though not necessarily in a conventional theatre).

Projects, for me, also allow me to experiment. My preferred projects always include something new, something I haven't done before. This can be a new software/material to work with, a new style to design around or even a completely new kind of project.


I tend to shy away from looking too far into the future, and in turn I tend not to be able to say where I see myself in five years.
That said, my main ambition is to keep exploring and have fun doing it.
I want to make work and do projects that I enjoy doing, and that my audience enjoys experiencing.

Presently, I mainly see myself doing virtual/digital work, but I'm also still drawn to physical technologies.

Learned during the studies

During these four years of Interactive Performance Design, I have learned what can be summed up as "thinking outside the box".
In all my years of education before I joined the HKU, I had been taught to do things exactly as the academic world had decided that it had to be done.
IPD showed me that, in creating, there is no "right" or "wrong" way to do things, as long as you achieve the result (or more specifically the process) you want to achieve.
I am still very much a person who thinks for a long time before they do things, and that is okay. That is part of my process and in the end, that's what it's all about.

Boni Trail

Plantage Resort Frederiksdorp in Suriname asked us to improve their "Boni Trail".
The Boni Trail is a path through the forest next to the former plantation/current resort. The trail is an immersive experience that tells the story of Boni, a freedom fighter and Guerilla leader in Suriname under Dutch colonial rule.
We were tasked to make the trail more immersive and interactive than it already was. We did this by adding more environmental storytelling, music and by adding a audible narrator telling the story from the perspective of Boni's mother.
I specifically spend a lot of my time working on the narrative of the trail.

For this project we travelled to Suriname for a month throughout November 2022.