Public Space as Catalyst of Peaceful Dialogue

Anna Ceglova
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I am Anna Ceglova. Being born in a country that doesn't exist anymore (Soviet Union) and being grown in the unstable time of national self-identification process of Moldova (one of the former Soviet Republics), I've witnessed a short but painful local civil war on TV, a period of nationalistic demonstrations on the streets, mass emigration of different minor ethnicities to other countries, including neighbors and friends... At the same time the TV news have been full of never-ending conflicts in other regions: the wars on the Balkans, Afghanistan, Chechnya....
I ask myself now: How can I, a spatial designer, help build social cohesion?.. My project is a Multi-lingual Theatrical School for Children in Chisinau, Moldova. It is about how space can help and accelerate the reconciliation process in a multi-ethnic society with a history of civil conflicts.

                                                                                                                                                                                COUNTRY CONTEXT. SITUATION

Since the ceasefire in July of 1992 after the civil armed conflict in Moldova, complete resolution hasn’t still been achieved: the society is divided. The country is characterized by ethnic and linguistic diversity, different history perspectives, identity uncertainty, slow economic development and political distrust due to corruption. And it is not the only country experiencing difficulties of this kind: since 1990 there have been dozens of conflicts all over the world, that led to 70,8 million of forcibly displaced people by 2019, mainly as a result of violence. This situation represents a great challenge and urgency for reconstruction in the post-conflict areas. When it comes to Moldova, the problem of social tension must be addressed urgently in order to unlock the development potential of the country, to stimulate the collaboration between ethnic sub-groups and the realization of equal human rights within the country.
1992 Mar-Jul
a part of Moldova (mainly current territory) was annexed by the Russian Empire
joined Romania
became part of the Soviet Union
independence of Moldova
Transnistria War (casualties: ~950-1200 killed (~400-600 civilians), ~2000 injured)
tension around Gagauz territory (resolved peacefully)
April Parliamentary election protests
different protests due to political distrust






I hope you could find something interesting here
If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them out! You can reach me via or via email