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As an innovative concept and fashion designer, I am future oriented and focussed on sustainability. I get my inspiration from different types of uniformity and the way people dress in group situations. Even though my work is quite bold and raw, it is also very delicate and detailed. I express myself through my handmade prints and constructed sustainable designs.

When I was looking for new sustainable ways of making fashion statements, my interest for digital 3D fashion grew significantly. In a world where digital communication is playing a major role, a digital wardrobe will become indispensable. The hybrid collection ‘Blue Files’ is a playful, yet critical reflection of today’s fashion industry, consisting of exclusive real life outfits and their digital twins.

Would you like to have more information about me or my project? 

Check out my Instagram and send me a message: @markusfemke

Mail to:




Filmmaker/Editor - Joshua Pinheiro Ferreira

Sounddesign - David Doesburg

Model - André Fedor Konings (FIC MODEL MNGMT)

Model - Bianca Huisman

Assistent set - Iza van den Baar

Big thanks to:

Hku Blackbox

Suzanne Vos

Jan Markus

Irma Markus

Design Fashion Design 3D art Collectie Designtrends Kleding Print Sociale vraagstukken Vormgeving