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Britt van der Veen 


Britt van der Veen is a fashion designer who works conceptually, she is always looking for a good story that can be translated into a wearable collection. Human behaviour is an element that always inspires her. With her collection she tries to make us all to live a little more consciously. She wants to achieve this by creating designs that tell a story and that make people think about how we live our lives by using materials, bold colours and streetwear-like shapes. Of course with a wink, because the world is serious enough. 


The profession and stories of her dad, Jur van der Veen, inspired her to create this collection. The tough side of the job and the difficult and traumatic experiences you go through as a firefighter is a combination she finds very interesting. Because of the stories her dad told during her childhood, the fire brigade has acquired a kind of hero status for her. Heroes are there to inspire us and to make us feel good about ourselves. They also have an exemplary function: the heroes of the fire brigade have them too. And that's what her collection should radiate.


In her collection HERO a new kind of man has been created, a man who is no longer only responsible for the superior tasks, etc., but a man who can also show his vulnerable sides and is, for example, a stay-at-home dad. And that's the man she wants to represent with this collection: the man who, despite doing groceries and taking care of the household, can occasionally put on his heroic accessories to feel invincible.


Heroes and Looks 









Filmmaker/Editor/Photographer: @elizazarahphotography 

Artworks: @chloepereslabourdette

Sound design: Nino Saglia

Models: @newgenerationmodelmanagement 

 @seriusgreg @rowengely

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