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Jorien Aberkrom
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"I have nothing to hide."

When we have conversations about big companies collecting our personal data on the internet, most people say that they do not mind since they have nothing to hide. As a 'good' person they are probably following the rules, so it seems logical that they don't care. But even if you have nothing to hide, as an individual you have a lot to protect.

With my interactive installation 'wait, what?' you will get in touch with a data collecting machine. While you are 'just playing a game' the installation will collect your information and defines interesting conclusions. Are you curious if 'wait, what?' knows anything about you?

This page is all about my installation 'wait, what?'. At the bottom of the page you can also read about my second installation which you can interact with over the internet.

When we subscribe to online services we don't wonder why a company would offer them for free. Who is paying for my online test of 'which Disney princess' I am?. If it's not me, why would someone else do it?

Most websites earn from the advertisements that are clicked on. That means the goal of the website is to make sure you stay there as long as possible and hit as many advertisements as possible. Because the longer you are there, the more advertisements you will see. At the same time your data is collected and all your information is being analyzed. Because the more relevant advertisements you get, the more likely it is that you will press that link. The website makes money because you pressed the link, the advertiser makes money because you buy their product and you feel happy because you found the perfect summer outfit. Websites are supposed to be designed to be optimal for their customers. Let's be honest. It is not optimal if we all waste an average 4 hours a day scrolling through social media. Are we the customer of the first website or is the advertiser the customer? Which means that we are actually the workers that do not get paid and don't even mind about that.

Machines get smarter and smarter and it is not unthinkable that soon our future boss can ask Facebook what our average mood was in the past months. That our health insurance asks Google how often and at what times we hang out in bars and clubs. What your average speed on the highway is and what products we buy at the supermarket.

With my installation I want to make you think about accepting cookies and filling in 'Free' sign-up forms on websites.  Can we trust that a website really cares about your privacy as they state? How many hours should we spend on social media and why isn't it easier to live up to that? We have nothing to hide right now, but we have a lot to protect for our future.


Since you can't see my installation in real life, I created a 'brother' of the installation 'wait, what?'. This newer installation was live 24/7 during the Exposure event and it was possible to interact with it from your own device at home!

Right now the livestream and the possibillity to interact are offline. Feel free to send me an e-mail at jorien.aberkrom@outlook.com when you are still interested to interact with my second work.

Artist statement

Jorien Aberkrom (1997) is fascinated with programming electronics. With interactive installations she creates awareness around the dark sides of technology. While playing with the installations, the user gets suck in a world of phone addiction and data collection. By creating more awareness, Aberkrom hopes to inspire more people to strive for a better digital climate.


Do you want to talk with me about my work? Send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

E-mail: jorien.aberkrom@outlook.com
Instagram: @jorien_aberkrom