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UNTITLED is my ongoing research project that finds its origin in my critical analysis of the clothing and fashion/branding industry. By returning to the two dimensional pattern pieces and the untreated fabric of typical western clothing items, I re-examined the complex meaning of clothing as an essential component of daily life. Through deconstruction and reconstruction, the alternation between recognizable and (seemingly) unrecognizable elements, the viewer is guided towards a renewed experience of iconic everyday wearable items.

I actively asked my audience to take part in my research by inviting them to experiment with UNTITLED. As Corona times limited my possibility to work with people face to face, I sent out 4 identical pieces. Though its origin lies in the well-known button down men’s shirt, the reconfiguration of the pattern pieces provides an unexpected, playful and endless stream of silhouette possibilities.

My goal is that we rethink our values and the role we play within the illusive, addictive and seductive fashion/branding industry and become aware of the effect it can have on us. That we begin to cultivate new habits and create meaningful experiences of familiarity in which we can start to rewonder our personal narrative for every day objects.


As a research based maker, I am fascinated with creating playful and meaningful experiences of familiarity. I unravel the obvious through an investigative process in which I decipher my chosen topic/object and question its use in everyday mainstream (western) culture.

I often refer back to iconic, universal items and use classic materials in order to evoke a sense of understanding while at the same time disorienting and confusing my viewer through the process of deconstruction, reconstruction and the alternation between recognisable and (seemingly)unrecognisable elements. As I guide my viewer through a renewed image of ‘the self evident’, I hope to spark a new sense of curiosity and invite everyone to reevaluate their current thoughts and become conscious of their standard perceptions and use of these items.

As my experimental, multifaceted work method and critical view takes me on a journey of rediscovery, I combine my knowledge of traditional craftsmanship with innovative thinking.


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