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A search for what self-love means to 

me and how I experienced it in my life. 

Have I found self-love? And how did I 

get to it.This is in response to a 

society where a lot is judged on what 

you achieve and many people tell you 

what is best for you.Also because I 

missed a lot of things in my youth 

and later came into conflict with this. 

I preform in 5 different scenarios with

an object and a surrounding. In these

scenarios I portray my feelings and 

struggles with this topic. These five

scenarios represent the best for me 

what self-love has meant and means to me.

Film's By Kees Willems


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Artist Statement 

 I never learned to express my feelings through words. Because of this I 

discovered other forms of expressing myself. Like with the body through 

dance. And later creating objects and space. 

My work deals with sensitive topics that we find difficult to talk about. 

With my images I make subjects tangible and I bring new insights and ideas. 

This gives subjects a different impact in which we will understand each other 

better. Through my work I research and question my own thoughts and feelings.

 By showing it, I hope to take people along with me and show them that you 

can express and feel the way you feel, you don’t have to hold yourself back 

and remember how important it is to express yourself mentally and physically. 

People are central to my work. Human conditions play an important role in this. 

I examine both the physical and mental body. How do the mental conditions relate

to physical expressions, how does someone move under certain circumstances in 

relation to objects or in a space. And what happens when body, object and space 

change roles? The tension and forms that arise in this interaction appeal to me. 

Due to my own dance background, I use myself as a performer. I do this because

I want to experience what I create myself, become part of the material, the 

shape and the space. Sometimes I direct myself and sometimes I let myself be

guided by what happens during an research or a performance. I investigate the 

human emotions / limitations which are close to myself, which I really feel in

 my body, which are recognizable, but sometimes inexpressible. This keeps my 

work raw and honest. 

I start by imagining my own thoughts. I do this by sketching and bringing 

together material, composition, color and shape. Pace is an important factor 

in this. This is the groundwork for the translation into spatial. During the 

creative process, I constantly test and question whether the physical work 

matches my mental thoughts. This creates a constant development and discovery

of what I want to capture. My process is like a dance. Different work flows, 

bring it to life, don’t stand still for too long and make new discoveries. 

In the end I present my work in a live performance or a video. I find both 

ways interesting. By means of video I can capture the performance at the 

location that has the right interaction and impact for the imagery to me. 

In a live performance I can involve the spectator more, respond to what is

 happening around me and there is room for improvisation. 

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