Lisa Bast
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Continuously, in the train on the way home, the raindrops are tapping on the window. 
In the middle of the city, dancing leaves swaying in the corner against the bricks of the Lieve Vrouwe Toren.
Along the moat. An undulating surface reflects the sun's rays against the hard concrete construction. 

Simple daily moments. For everyone to see, only not everyone observes them. You walk past them.

2020. A world of multitude. Everyone constantly accessible. Always on the move. Everything has to be faster. Always on.

Do you ever take the time to stand still? A moment away from all stimuli. Completely absorbed in the moment. Consciously experiencing what you feel. Deep inside. With a clear core. 
Less rational. More enlightenment. 

Back to zero. Looking for the elements that feed you. 
Reflecting the part in the whole.


An art installation based on daily moments, the means to find enlightenment.
Discover what really should be important during your busy life.
Enjoy a moment more consciously. Being conscious. 



"Curiosity and adventure lead me. Changes in perspective. Reflection. Shadow games. It is the everyday things that fascinate me."

And this is what you will also see in BAST's works.

As a multidisciplinary artist, I, Lisa Bast, feel the freedom to create objects from intuition and authenticity that contribute to collective well-being.

A holistic view of the world is the start of research into increasing consciousness, in order to make unity and harmony tangible. The solution starts with the return to the core; the spiritual and nature.


I look for the warmth in the coldness through pure minimalist shapes and raw materials. Influences of light, movement or sound provide the emotional layer that the work needs to establish a connection with the objects and to stimulate the subconscious. I use the above average ability to sense spaces, feelings and atmospheres while creating.

The works can be communicated in various ways; a (festival) installation, light artworks, clothing, products and graphic design.

And they serve to convey that vision and inspire other ways of thinking and living habits.

In a society that can be so closed, BAST optimistically strives for a world full of compassion, love, peace and joy.


Thank you for visiting! Feel free to contact me. Le'ts create together!

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love and peace, Lisa