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When I was young, I had a heart attack twice, which resulted in a near-death experience. The feelings I had when it happened are difficult to describe, but they come close to unconditional love, optimal happiness and a feeling of safety. Because of this experience I see death as something beautiful and full of love. Unfortunately, death is not often seen this way in Western culture. It is generally a taboo to talk about it, and people are afraid of it or pretend it hardly exists. Through the research I have done on how different cultures and religions deal with death, I found that there are many cultures and religions where death is actually celebrated, as opposed to Western cultures.

It is a shame that people in Western cultures regard death as something negative. We live in fear while death is actually part of the beauty called life. In my work I combine elements from cultures celebrating death. When selecting the elements I tried to find similarities in order to create solidarity; an amalgamation of ideas, traditions and customs relating to death - something beautiful, something full of love, something part of life.

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