Dry stone but I love him

Josse Carstens
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On Pelješac, a peninsula in southern Croatia, some houses are completely empty. Nobody lives there anymore. Hidden between nature lie whole villages outright empty. Nature has reclaimed them. Traces of a lost time can be found in the surrounding lands. Numerous wars, communist Yugoslavia and the rise of modern time incited people to leave their ancestral homes.

One of them is Loretta, a lady who fled the village where she was born because it was attacked in World War II. She was three years old.

Dry stone but I love him

is an interactive documentary available for everybody with an internet connection. Visit loretta.jossecarstens.com to view this project!

Visit jossecarstens.com for more information about the creator Josse Carstens.

Livestream 25 & 26 juni 17:00

De livestream is hier terug te zien.