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Resurrecting Foods - Nathalie van der Straten - Folkersma

When there is time, life arises, and it finds its way. In the dark to the earth, or in the light to heaven. There is a greatness to it, a force that is intangible. And in this certain force, everyone can create their own truth.

When bright pink shoots grew from my potato in my kitchen cupboard, I realized that there is a world behind my vegetables that I don’t know very well. A world in which growth is central. I investigated this process of growth in my self-made laboratory, from a scientific, religious, and visual perspective.
I am looking for ways to make optimal use of vegetables. Households are the biggest waste of food. Vegetables are everyday, inexpensive and easily available. This makes it easy to throw away leftovers. But if we take the time for the process, we can deal with vegetables in a sustainable and appreciative way. A process that normally ends can be brought back to life. The vegetables are thus edible several times. We can stimulate this process which I see as an honorable task. What I saw as a product in a rushed consumer society, I thus give new practical, aesthetic and spiritual meanings. There can be negative associations with growth in combination with food. I want to turn this intangibility into wonder and awe.


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