Miss Moraaa by Sterre Otten

Sterre Otten
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"Miss Moraaa" is a documentary project about Bram Mooren (20), in which I have photographed his personal life and all his adventures in his development as a young artist.
Bram is creating his identity by making expressive clothing, attributes, and products. He designs using his own body, this way he can wear it during his shows as a drag queen when he changes into Miss Moraaa. Miss Moraaa is his alter ego and forms the base for all his designs. He wants to set an example for other young people who are exploring and finding their own identity. Through my work I give Bram, and Miss Moraaa, the stage to express himself and show his way of living. Bram has an open-minded personality in which he will not be stopped by anyone and will always follow his dreams.

Website for the full project: www.sterreotten.com

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Artist Statement

I feel responsible to tell special stories that people carry with them and often remain unseen and unheard, with my photography. I hereby investigate the reality of the theme and I do deep research on my subjects. I like to work on longterm documentary projects. I find myself in situations that I do not know yet, but I am fascinated by it. I ask myself the questions: how does someone do something and why does that person make this choice? In the project "Miss Moraaa" I capture the life of Bram as a young artist, in which I am fascinated by the way he lives. His exuberant attitude was in contrast to myself because I often listen to the opinions of others, and therefore it became an interesting project. Curiosity and a personal drive make my projects personal and moving.

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Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, photography, 2016 – 2020, HBO, Utrecht
Koning Willem 1 College, photography 2012 – 2016, MBO, Den Bosch
Novalis College, high school 2008 – 2012, Eindhoven


Museum Helmond December 2019 - now, the desk clerk
Kamera-Express 2017- 2019, a sales employee
Unseen Amsterdam 2019, group exhibition
ICP @ The Point, June 2019 - July 2019, teaching assistant
Roc Ter AA, November 2018 - January 2019, photography teacher

Chantal Heijnen 2019, assistant photographer, portraits
Richard Koek 2019, assistant photographer, portraits 
Minneboo Fotografie 2016, assistant photographer, studio photography
Gerrit Schreurs Fotografie 2015, assistant photographer, studio photography
Jeremy van Bedijk 2014, assistant photographer, studio photography, learned how to start my own business with a logo and corporate identity