Gallivanter - Making Space

Charlotte de Vries
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It is difficult to visualize space from Earth, so I sent out Gallivanter to report on the elusive Planet 9.

“Gallivanter - Making Space” is both a hymn of praise to - to me unimaginable - space travel, as a question about its surrounding communication. Through a mix of inaccessible places, abstract concepts, data visualization and various visual languages a story with mythical features arises.

Can we base our understanding of reality on this?

Click here to take a closer look.

Let us be your eyes in space!

This week, we expect to make a connection with our little probe. 
Follow Gallivanters vista at the edge of our Solar System!

June 25 - 27 between 11 AM and 1 PM*

*Depending on Gallivanter's signal strenght.