No legs to ground us, on the bottom that shifts with every wave. Roeland Lenoir

Can we talk about control in our lives? Over anything? To me, it feels like we are all just floating on the stream of our daily lives, to be flooded every now and then by a big wave. Then come up to the surface disoriented and have no control over when the next wave hits you. 
This is how I see life, a series of waves that wash over me, nothing I can do about it. 
In my project, ‘No legs to ground us, on the bottom that shifts with every wave’, I visualize this by photographing people who have an impact on how I experience life, people who are close to me. I combine these images with still lifes and landscapes. The people symbolise memories or moments that are important to me. I combine my photography with self-written poetry about the feelings of powerlessness that I experience. 
A project about losing control that is so related to the sea, with her waves, upstream and downstream and her effect on the water.

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Poetry that accompanies the project.

I have been growing on this earth for twenty-one years.

I feel liquid.

Flowed from shape to shape.

Tested and tried, I have grown to know.

Knowing I prefer the unnaturally luminous night to the burning

scorching light of day. Or even more desirable the golden light that echoes through the sky and shimmers on my surface as the sun sets beyond the horizon.


People are scared of me when I boil with anger.

I lose grip, I fall or break shape.

Then I flow. In need of a place to rest.

The palm of a hand. A touch. A warm touch.

One is always looking for the warmth of others.

Or a bigger vessel.

Before I drift over the surface and evaporate when the bright yellow sun shines its light on me.

It doesn’t take much for me to dissolve, to feel like I don’t belong, to want to fall and hide.


The bigger I’ve grown the more space I take in.

Once, when I could do with just a crib, my mother watching over me.

Then my first adventure, being taught what to do and how not to drift.

Now drifting is all I do.

Searching the land for a place with like-minded drops on this big boiling surface.

Finally, I have reached the place where they all come together.

The sea.

We all float here, drifting on the waves that take us places where we don’t want to go.

No legs to ground us on the bottom that shifts with every wave.

My book of the project. 

No legs to ground us, on the bottom that shifts with every wave. 

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Artist Statement


I am a photographer driven by emotion.

For me, there is a very thin line between all emotions. My work is about that thin line.

Poetry and photography are my media. In my photographic work, I combine portraits, landscapes and poetry so that they tell one story together. This way I show different sides of a story. My work is very personal, it is about how I see and experience the world around me. It gives an image a deeper layer with a lot of emotion. I use my personal experience and convert it into an image so that when you look at my work you suddenly think about a subject that you would normally pass by.

I love using the meaning of every word in every different way. I write about how we all hurry through life without stopping and enjoying the beautiful surroundings we all pass by on a daily basis. I write about my feelings, my passions, the smallest of things, the big meaning of it all and my observations of the world. There are so many words to describe a scene, so many ways to express yourself. I love finding the right words to give something the power that it needs.

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